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Updated: May 21, 2018

Eclectic Singer-Songwriter/Producer Chan Gibbons and House DJ Aldo Pasha begin their new journey as a duo with the release of their BRAND NEW single “Our Time”. This single grabs your attention with powerful vocals, positive lyrics and soulful harmonies inspired by artists such as Black Coffee, Osunlade, Dennis Ferrer, Kerry Chandler and Black Motion.

Based in East London, Gibbons and Pasha met each other at a nearby club. Gibbons was originally invited by friends who worked at the entrance. Due to the success of the event, Chan ended up on her own. Pasha who was also helping out began speaking to Gibbons and they feel into a deep conversation around seven years ago, and whilst talking, they quickly found interest in each other's music. Pasha recalls: “Within a short space of time we put our minds together to create a jingle for my mix-tapes in 2015. Our single cover represents the moment we put our minds together ” Since then, Gibbons’ jingle has been used for all his mixtape’s with mixtape number five on the way.

Pasha has been a House DJ for over five years. He has grown behind the scenes with the support of Gibbons and has used his developed skills to co-produced on this track.

Electro-pop artist Chan Gibbons released her first single in 2016 with the support of Pasha. Since then she has released two other singles independently, getting extensive UK and US airplay, and featuring on blog Exposed Vocals, A Digital Magazine feature by Brash Magazine and a digital music press release by Indie Spoonful.

Gibbons says, “Where Has The Loving Gone did better than we expected, it’s a memorable moment.”

The duo are excited about the new single, and are looking forward to performing in front of an audience and releasing more music.

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